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Ave Satanas! 

8/2/2016 Infernal greetings Children of Darkness! We are proud to FINALLY announce the release of our latest Baphomet... The LaVey. Crafted to the highest of standards, this pendent is a little thicker than previous pendants. Those who have ordered the Hellflower and 1.75" Deicides might have noticed! Further, we'd like to address the security concerns from 6/30/2016 to 7/25/2016. Apparently our SSL certificate wasn't rekeyed, causing the warning. There was NEVER a breach to the website. Also, the Satan Central staff will once again be on holiday, this time traveling some 5,500 to The Netherlands to start a lengthy European adventure! While orders will continue to be processed, as they have in the past, they will not ship until 8/25/2016 when one of our staff members has returned. We'll see some of you in our travels! Reggie Satan!

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