ATTENTION SATAN CENTRAL CUSTOMERS: In commemoration of the Halloween the California based staff will be leaving to New Orleans for a night of demonic delights! In our time away we plan to see the musical acts Deicide twice (in two different states) and King Diamond! Orders placed after 6:00pm on 10/22/2014 will be processed, but NOT shipped until the morning of 11/10/2014. Even Satan needs a holiday every now and then! Happy Halloween everyone! Hail Satan! 

Seductive satanic witches and demon invoking warlocks, blasphemous fiends and LaVeyan Satanist... WELCOME TO SATAN CENTRAL! Whether you're just dabbling in the Black Arts or have sealed your soul to eternal damnation, we at Satan Central are here for your occult needs. All of our merchandise is meticulous in both design and creation, to the standards of Master, Lord Satan himself! Order processing is lightning fast with discreet packaging and exceeding your darkest expectations is our mission. Enjoy your visit, we look forward to serving you!


Ave Satanas! 

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