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Ave Satanas! 

Halloween Holiday 2014

Greetings Satan Central customers! First we would like to THANK all of you who placed orders with us while we were on our 20 day holiday for the Halloween season. Your patience was appreciated! Our trips to Texas and Louisiana were filled with doses of death and damnation! Before leaving to Texas we caught the Death Metal act Deicide in Oakland, CA! We caught up again with Glen and the boys in Austin, TX. Halloween in New Orleans was a Black Magic all of it’s own! Our ritual was demon filled for sure! Closing the fun was an evening with King Diamond in Houston, TX. We have elected to share some photos above. Top/left to right: the lovely Miss Charlotte with Mr. Glen Benton of Deicide, 10/25/2014 Oakland, CA. Deicide’s Glen Benton with Kevin Quirion (guitarist) and Steven Asheim (drums), 10/25/2014 Oakland, CA. Satan Central proprietor G. William Harder with Deicide’s Glen Benton, 10/29/2014 Austin, TX. Bottom/left to right: King Diamond taking the stage! 11/5/2014 Houston, TX. Miss Charlotte, William, and Miss Brittany front/center stage at the King Diamond concert, 11/5/2014 Houston, TX. King Diamond and his masterful stage performance, 11/5/2014 Houston, TX. Hail Satan!


P.S. Please note we are currently adding new devilish goodies in the days, weeks, and months to come. So be on the lookout!

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