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Ave Satanas! 

12/3/15 Greetings fellow fiends! It was a busy Holiday Season for us! We have found ourselves in a great many places, taking in a great many pleasures. We crossed paths with exotic women from Europe, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and naturally California. Our Halloween was spent with Papa Emeritus III and his band of Nameless Ghouls in Las Vegas, NV. Ghost BC is a treat unlike any other. We would spend some time with them again in San Diego a few days later with Mr. Zack Black, who was a most gracious host. The days bleed together with intoxicating sights and smells, climaxing with the company of some of the sexiest porn stars to walk planet earth, something to be thankful for to say the least! Before I go I'd like to give a heart-warming "Hail Satan!" to Mr. & Ms. Chadwick, "Congratulations on your All Hollow's Eve Unholy Matrimony!" The New Year is upon us!   Reggie Satanas!

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